Unlock the value of
your community.
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What can Native do for your

A Loyalty Program

Increase sales and make your customers love you even more

Your Local Economy

Incentivize residents and visitors to spend money locally

Your Community

Create a currency for your community and make it valuable

Loyalty Programs

How does this work?

1. Sell more
by awarding points to customers who make frequent purchases
2. Engage customers
and reward them for making referrals or sharing on social media
who your customers are and how they interact with your brand
4. Reward
your customers with cool perks when they redeem their points.
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Local Economies

What can Native help you do for your city?

1. Use
existing resources in new ways
2. Launch
your local currency and online community center
3. Spread the Word
to residents, tourists and business owners
4. Keep Money Local
by incetivitizing shoppers with rewards
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Social Money

What can Native help you do for your community currency program?

1. Print Money
it's better to have your own
2. Reward
your community for their support
3. Exchange
services or product for your social money
4. Inform
your community about new opportunities
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