Frequently Asked Questions

Native is a platform for creating digital currencies for communities and blockchain-powered loyalty programs for companies. Any type of organization can deploy their own custom branded version of Native.

As a community member, all you need to do is sign up with your email in the community you want to join. Right now we are in a closed alpha of Native - we have an experimental version of the community for Native itself. You can join the Native Community here -

Right now we are in a closed alpha of Native. We are accepting applications here and would be happy to have a discussion about whether your organization is a good fit. You can fill out this form: Or email us at

Right now we are focused on company loyalty programs, local currencies for towns or cities, creator communities like musicians and artists, and any cryptocurrency project that wants an easy way to manage their community.

Whether you are looking to create a community currency or a points-based loyalty program, Native will launch a custom digital token suited to your organization's needs.

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